“In terms of majestic sweep, cinematic scope, and clever outside-the-box humor, it’s hard to think of a more interesting group in big band jazz than the Erica Seguine/Shan Baker Jazz Orchestra. Each member of the jazz orchestra contributes their own voice and expression, yet maintaining an awareness of a deeper connection within the ensemble.” (NY Music Daily)

“Seguine and Baker approached big band like a live oil painting. Colors were arranged by vibrancy and emotional content, not necessarily by section (high instruments with other high instruments, for example). The co-leaders took a controlled but liberalized approach to big band, where Bach, Dave Holland and the poetry of Rainier Marie Rilke are all fair game.”  (Dan Lehner, All About Jazz)


The 20-musician Erica Seguine & Shan Baker Jazz Orchestra seeks to immerse you into a deep sensory experience, creating large, original musical landscapes influenced by various facets of life.

Courageous, heart-driven, and often immersing the listener into darkness, with moments of light, Shan Baker writes music from an intuitive awareness of how energy influences the human psyche. Feelings of grief, loss, isolation, and brokenness emerge to the surface through their music, resulting in clarity, hope, beauty, and healing.

Whether it is the joy of hearing violins and tin whistles at an Irish session, the terror of first-hand encounters of depression, or the tranquility of a ravine flowing in the middle of NYC, Erica Seguine strives to capture the essence of that experience into music. She considers composition as a way of painting with sound and listens to which colors and textures will best serve the moment. Winner of the 2013 BMI Foundation Charlie Parker Prize for Jazz Composition/2014 Manny Albam Commission as well as three ASCAP Foundation Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Awards (including the 2014 Johnny Mandel Prize), amongst other awards, Erica’s music has been performed by the Metropole Orchestra, the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra, New York Youth Symphony Jazz, the J-Orchestra, and the Millennium Jazz Orchestra, amongst others.

  1. The Ravine - Seguine Erica Seguine & Shannon Baker Orchestra 9:20
  2. States - Baker Erica Seguine & Shannon Baker Orchestra 12:46
  3. Bach Adagio a la Tango - Seguine Erica Seguine & Shannon Baker Orchestra 10:07
  4. The New Day Bends Light - Baker Erica Seguine & Shannon Baker Orchestra 10:40
  5. Dawn's Rise - Seguine Erica Seguine & Shannon Baker Orchestra 9:36
  6. Lullaby I. Rest, Be Still - Baker Erica Seguine & Shannon Baker Orchestra 11:02
  7. Lullaby III. In Dreams (meetings that could never occur)- Baker Erica Seguine & Shannon Baker Orchestra 11:00
  8. Leaves Swirling Through the Dusk Sky 13:42